About MileagePlus® Exclusives

United MileagePlus Exclusives brings MileagePlus program members unique and memorable experiences with a VIP touch across the widest range of mileage levels. Use your miles to experience the Exclusives side of life.

How it works

Two ways to use miles

Bid now — For auction format listings a user can place a bid and is awarded the item if they are the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

Buy now — Users are awarded the items after completing their purchase.

Place a maximum bid

  • The system will auto bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount you specify
  • If bidding does not reach your maximum amount you may win the item for less
  • If your maximum bid amount is exceeded you will receive an outbid notice and may log back into the system to bid again

After using your miles

Upon winning an auction or making a purchase:

  • MileagePlus miles immediately deducted from your account balance
  • You'll receive a confirmation email
  • Our Customer Service Team will follow up with details should your item require additional communication

See where your miles can take you

MileagePlus Exclusives strives to bring you the most memorable experiences in the worlds of food & wine, travel, sports, fashion, recreation and more. Check out some of the most memorable experiences from the past year.

Look for updates

Check back for our latest offerings and to see testimonials from other MileagePlus program members.

Visa Signature® Card Events

Get access to Visa Signature Card events by applying for the card  here.

Our Partners

Partner opportunities

Interested in bringing unique experiences to MileagePlus program members? Email us to learn more.

Ways to use your miles

MileagePlus member-exclusive experiences and more.